Training like a wild animal

To train a new man is like training a wild animal to be a pet. Just like the tiger is trained in the circus and later on they are dancing to the tune of the master. So the point being stressed is training. A preacher should be traines to be always tolerant.

Eligibility of Going back Home, back to Godhead

Going back Home, back to God is confirmed if you follow the five principles mentioned in the four essential verses Read more

Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune

Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune, is the constant companion of Lord Vishnu; they remain together constantly. One cannot keep Lakshmi Read more

The revealed scripture

The revealed scriptures, like Manu-samhitha and similar others, are considered the standard books to be followed by human society. Thus, Read more

Cry for lord Krishna

One should learn how to cry for the Lord. One should learn this small technique, and he should be very Read more

What is temple meaning

Temple means people should come, people should learn the science of God. Temple should not be a business. Temple means Read more

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