The bathing ceremony of Lord Krishna

Nanda Maharaja was naturally very magnanimous, and when Lord Sri Krishna appeared as his son, he was overwhelmed with jubilation.

Nanda Maharaja gave two millions cows, fully decorated with cloth and jewels, in charity to the brahmanas, He also gave them seven hills of grain covered with jewels and with cloth decorated with golden embroidery. Vrajapura, the residence of Nanda Maharaja, was fully decorated with various festoons and flags, and in various places there were gates made with varieties of flower garlands, pieces of cloth, and mango leaves.

The courtyards, the great near the roads, and everything within the rooms of the houses were perfectly swept and washed with water. The cowherd men put on valuable ornaments and garments such as coats and turbans. Decorated in this way, and carrying various presentations in their hands, they approached the house of Nanda Maharaja.

The wives of the cowherd men were very pleased to hear that mother Yasoda had given birth to a son, and they decorated themselves very nicely with proper garments, ornaments, black ointment for the eyes, etc. With their lotus like faces looking extraordinarily beautiful, decorated as they were with saffron and fresh kunkuma, the wives of the cowherd men hurried to the house of mother Yasoda with presentations in their hands. Offering blessings to the newborn child, Krishna, the wives and daughters of the cowherd men said, “May you become the King of Vraja and long maintain all its inhabitants.” Then they sprinkled a mixture of turmeric powder, oil, and water upon the Supreme Lord and offered him prayers.

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 10, Chapter 5

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