Letter to Subala written from San Francisco

March 30, 1968

My dear Subal,

Please accept my blessings. I was just thinking about you since you departed from this place and was anxious to get your letter, and I am very glad to receive it. By Krishna’s Grace you are finding everything favorable, and I hope gradually you will find the atmosphere more favorable. I understand in New York it is still raining and little cold, therefore I am extending my stay here in San Francisco, for a few days more. We had many engagements in radio and television and similarly we are going to have more similar engagements. Here the kirtan performances are going on, as nicely, and people are taking interest in them.

The Radha Krishna statues prepared by Goursundar have been dispatched to Los Angeles through Aniruddha, and they are going to be cast in yellow brass. If one pair is successful then we shall get many pairs and one of the pairs shall be installed in your Santa Fe temple.

Please don’t feel lonely. krishna is always with you and I shall pray for you and to Krishna also that you may make progress more and more in this faithful discharge of duties in Krishna Consciousness.

Thanking you once more.

Your ever well-wisher,

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