Krishna Soft Smile

The transcendental body of Krishna is very sweet, and His face is even sweeter than His body. But His soft smile, which has the fragrance of honey, is sweeter still.
Chaitanya Caritamrta,
Madhya Lila 21.136

Krishna Beauty

Krishna’s unparalleled beauty is the topmost sweetness of love of Godhead. Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta, Madha Lila 8.94

Krishna Mercy

If those who desire material enjoyment or merging into the existence of the Absolute Truth engage in the Lord’s transcendental Read more

Chanting is waxing

Chanting is the waxing moon that spreads the white lotus of good fortune for all living entities. Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta, Read more

Who is Rich?

Krishna, Krishna’s service and love of Krishna are the three great riches of life. Chaitanya Caritamrta, Madhya Lila 20.143

Moon Face of Krishna

The moonlike face of Krishna is the reservoir of Nectarian songs and the abode of His flute. Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta, Read more

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