Crying for lord krishna Never Waste

This crying is the last word in the progressive path of devotional service. One who can cry for the Lord in love is certainly successful in the line of devotional service. — Srimad Bhagavatam, 03.04.35.

Crying in Vrindavan

If you are living in someone’s house and crying, they are bound to ask you what is wrong. So Vrindavan is Radharani’s land and if you cry sincerely, She is sure to reciprocate sooner or later.

Crying for Lord

I have opened a crying school here in Bhubaneswar. Unless we cry for Krishna, we can not get His mercy.

Crying Out Loudly

Crying out loudly to Krishna is the only eternal reality in this temporary material world.

Do more and more

Do more & more to Serve Krishna As much as Possible

A devotee knows

A devotee knows that even at his death Krishna will protect him. The real test of our devotion will be Read more

Krishna is not punishing you

Krishna is not punishing you, he is preparing you

Make a Fresh Start

Leave everything behind Make a Fresh Start With Krsna


Real Love is able to awaken Your Soul

All you need to know is Krishna

All you need to know is Krishna

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